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F A Q 

What is the quality of Ama's royal bundles?

Virgin 7A Grade  100% human hair


How are Ama's royal bundles different?

Very soft, high quality re-useable hair, can be bleached, dyed, minimal shedding 

and heat friendly


What  lengths of  Ama's royal bundles should I get?

Length selection depends on hairstyle 


How to choose the right texture of hair extensions?

Select  hair texture based on blending, and easy maintenance 

How often should I wash my Ama's royal bundles?

As much as you want, wash as frequent as you would was your own hair.  

What's the  return / exchange policy on wigs and bundles?

There are no refunds or exchanges on any bundles or wigs purchase.

All sales are final 

See information box  for all details on hair/wigs.


Are deposits refundable if appointment is cancelled? 

All deposits are non refundable.


How long does shipping usually take?

Standard shipping 3-5 business days [excludes weekends]

Express Shipping  2 days

Does the deposit come out of the install fee ? or is it separate from the install fee? 

The deposit is subtracted from the install fee.

Ex. Full head sew in = $200 - $50 deposit  =  $150 due at appointment

How early should I book an appointment ?

Appointments should be scheduled 1- 2 weeks in advance

Last min appointments are a extra fee

How do I reschedule or cancel an appointment ?

Send me a text or email and I will do it for you

When  can I reschedule my appointment ?

On any available day and time the client will have to re book and pay a new deposit.

I want to keep my appointment date but come later or earlier can I do so ?

You cannot move your appointment up 

You are given a 10 min grace period after your appointment starts.

Anything after 10 min you will be charged a $20 late fee and if you don't

arrive within 30 mins your appointment will be cancelled 

How may I  order a custom wig ?

Inquire with the contact form.


What is the return policy on custom wigs ?

There is absolutely no refunds and or exchanges on any custom wigs 

So be sure to select the correct texture, lengths, colors, and style. In addition to that be sure

to select closure or frontal before the wig construction has started because once you finalize your design 

I will not be held responsible if you explained your desires incorrectly or changed your mind last minute.

Can I get a wig made with hair I purchased from someone else ?

No my custom wig service is done ONLY with Ama's Royal Bundles 

you may not request a custom wig without using hair from my line.


What are the prices for a custom wig ? How long does it take ?

There is not a custom wig price list at the moment, each wig is uniquely designed by each client.

Therefore the pricing may vary; Depending on lengths, style, color, texture, and if a closure or frontal was selected. 

Custom wigs take 1 week to create.

I requested a  custom wig but haven't received a response yet ?

Please be patient. These wig orders are separate from my booking clients and will be discussed and created

in the order in which they were received. I will only be taking enough clients that I can handle with my booking schedule.

If I haven't responded back to you yet I will in due time, my schedule is full I and I don't want to overwhelm myself.

How much is the deposit ? How can I pay ?

A $150 deposit is required to start each custom wig order and all final payments must be paid through Zelle, Chase Quickpay, and PayPal. Deposit is taken out of wig fee, it is not a separate fee. 

 All local clients can pay remaining balance in cash if they prefer if they come pick up the wig. 

All forms of payment for wig and shipping services will be done off this site.


What are the delivery options ?

Shipping is a extra

 $10 fee and if you are local in the NYC AREA you can come pick up your wig.  

NOTE: This option depends on Ama's schedule.


Do I have to pay for styling on my custom wig ?

Do I have to pay to get the wig installed ?

Any custom wig comes with free styling (Curls or Flat Ironing) and a free install.

A simple braid down with meltdown or sewing the frontal or closure down

NOTE: Client can only get the wig installed based on Ama's schedule. 

I can't book you for next month why is that ?


My booking schedule will now be closed for months in advance going forward.

I will only open future months right before the month starts, instead of having clients book appointments months in advance.

Any already booked appointments will be honored.

     Going forward the calendar for next months booking will be open on the 24th of each month. Once I am booked up, I will not be making any

 accommodations for that month.

You will have to wait to book the next month when that month opens.

How may I contact you? 


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